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Blockr-logo-color.png is a blockchain explorer which added support for Litecoin after its release. was in private beta for 6 months before opening its site to the public. It can parse the blockchain and present the data as blocks, transactions, and addresses from almost any digital currency which uses Bitcoin as its origins.

A Litecoin block explorer parses the Litecoin blockchain and outputs the stored database into a human-readable format. The website presents the data to users in a "friendly and intuitive way."

The data can be accessed with bookmarks, to keep updated on addresses and their balances, for example.

Interesting facts, graphs, and trivia about the blockchain are available on their web frontend.

APIs are available to help developers access the internal database. The APIs give access to all coin data, such as block, transaction, and address information. The APIs are free to use as long as they aren't abused by being called too often.

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