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Crypto-Games is a cryptocurrency casino played in your browser. Two games are availibe - DICE and Slot machine. No registration is needed, no downloads required. Fast (1 confirmation) deposits and withdraws. Anyone can gamble with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkgold or FriendshipCoin2.


  • Slot Machine
    • Provably Fair
    • Slot has house edge of 1.241%.
    • Playing with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DarkGold, FriendshipCoin2 and GridCoin
    • Minimum bet: 10 Credits, Maximum bet: 5000 Credits
    • 1 Bitcoin = 1 million credits
    • 1 Litecoin = 10.000 credits
    • 1 Dogecoin = 1 credit
    • 1 DarkGold = 40 credits
    • 1 FriendshipCoin2 = 20 credits
    • 1 GridCoin = 10 credits
  • DICE
    • Provably Fair
    • Dice has house edge of 0.8%.
    • Playing with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DarkGold FriendshipCoin2 and GridCoin
    • Fast Auto betting

Referral Program

Every player can invite friends with sharing affiliate link. 25% of the house edge of EVERY bet made by everyone you refer gets added to players balance. Whether they win or lose the bet, you still earn money.


We take security seriously:

  • Data is sent over SSL encrypted tunnel.
  • Offline wallets to store excess funds.


All games are played in your browser.

  • No downloads required, just visit and start playing.
  • No registration needed, every player gets unique ID that serves as your private account.
  • No withdrawal fees - we cover them for you!

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