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A chronological list of all cryptocurrencies released till 2013

Name Launch Date Creator Forked from Hashing Algo Link Description
Bitcoin 03.01.2009 Satoshi Nakamoto New SHA-256 Mail Archive First peer-to-peer payment system
Namecoin 18.04.2011 vinced Bitcoin SHA-256 BitcoinTalk First decentralised Domain Name System
Timecoin 25.05.2011 knightmb New SHA-256 BitcoinTalk PHP based cryptocurrency
Multicoin 29.06.2011 sacarlson Bitcoin SHA-256 BitcoinTalk Supports mutiple blockchains
Devcoin 05.08.2011 Unthinkingbit Bitcoin SHA-256 BitcoinTalk 90% of the mining reward goes to the developers
Ixcoin 10.08.2011 Nasakioto Bitcoin SHA-256 BitcoinTalk Higher block reward, premined
I0coin 16.08.2011 kr105 Ixcoin SHA-256 BitcoinTalk Ixcoin without premine
SolidCoin 21.08.2011 RealSolid Bitcoin SHA-256 BitcoinTalk Faster block generation rate, fixed transaction fees
Geist Geld 09.09.2011 Lolcust Multicoin SHA-256 BitcoinTalk Extremely fast block generation rate, no supply limit, experimental
Tenebrix 26.09.2011 Lolcust & ArtForz Bitcoin scrypt BitcoinTalk First cryptocurrency using scrypt, premined
Fairbrix 02.10.2011 coblee Tenebrix scrypt BitcoinTalk Tenebrix without premine
Litecoin 13.10.2011 coblee Bitcoin scrypt BitcoinTalk First cryptocurrency to use scrypt and a faster block generation rate
RuCoin 16.10.2011 Bitcoin SHA-256 BitcoinTalk Developed in russian, closed source
Coiledcoin 02.10.2011 makomk Bitcoin SHA-256 BitcoinTalk No supply limit
Liquidcoin 18.01.2012 Nicksasa Tenebrix scrypt BitcoinTalk Fixed difficulty, no supply limit
BBQCoin 15.07.2012 Cubox Litecoin scrypt BitcoinTalk Fast block generation rate, no suppy limit
PPCoin 19.08.2012 Sunny King Bitcoin SHA-256 BitcoinTalk First cryptocurrency using Proof of Stake
Novacoin 01.10.2012 Balthazar PPCoin scrypt BitcoinTalk PoS combined with scrypt
Terracoin 29.10.2012 Bitcoin SHA-256 Terracoin.org Faster blocks, different difficulty adjustment algorithm
Freicoin 21.12.2012 jtimon & maaku Bitcoin SHA-256 Bitcointalk First and only demurrage cryptocurrency

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