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Addresses that start with 3 are deprecated. This page will list the latest status on which exchanges/wallets/explorers support the new M addresses. Once all the major sites support M addresses, we should contact the sites to remove support of 3 addresses.


Exchange Send to M Send to 3 Receive (L,3,M) Bech32
Bibox Yes No M
Binance Yes L
Bitfinex Yes Yes
BitForex No L
Bithumb Yes M
Bitstamp Yes M
Bittrex Yes L,M
Coinbase Pro Yes M
CoinBene Yes L
CoinEx Yes L
Coinfield Yes M
Coinsquare No L
Coinut Yes M
Cryptobridge Yes M
Cryptopia Yes L
DOBI trade Yes L
Einstein No L
Flyp.me Yes Yes M
Gate.io Yes L
Gemini Yes
Huobi Yes Yes L
Kraken Yes No L Yes
LBank Yes L
OKEx 3
Poloniex Yes Yes L
Quadrgacx Yes M
RightBTC No L
Upbit Yes 3
Waves Yes L
YoBit Yes L


Wallet Send to M Send to 3 Receive (L,3,M) Bech32
Atomic Yes L
Bitbox Yes No L,M
CB Commerce Yes M
Coinbase Yes M
Coinomi Yes M Yes
CoolWallet Yes M
Edge Yes M
Electrum Yes M
Enjin No L
Ellipal No No L,M
Exodus Yes L Yes
Holy Transaction Yes Yes M
Jaxx Yes L
KeepKey Yes L
Ledger Nano Yes L,M
LoafWallet Yes L
Trezor Yes M
Wirexapp Yes M


Explorer Supports M Supports 3
Bchain No
Blockchair Yes
BlockCypher No
SoChain Yes
Chainz (CryptoID) Yes
explorer.litecoin.net Yes
insight.litecore.io Yes
Prohashing Yes