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The Services category is intended for the listing of any Litecoin related services, such as exchanges, charts, escrows, online wallets, goods merchants, and other services that provide anything for Litecoin, or accept Litecoin as payment.

If you know of a Litecoin related site that is not listed here, please ask for it to be added on the discussion page.


Community / Forums

See Community for the complete list of commuinity related websites and services.


Block Explorers

Charts and information

Online utilities

Cryptocurrency comparison

Merchant tools

  • GoCoin - Payment processing for Litecoin and Bitcoin
  • CoinPayments - Payment processing for Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Alfacoins - Payment processing for Litecoin and Bitcoin
  • CoinWidget - Donation processing
  • - Donation widget
  • - Payment gateway and browser based E-Wallet that support Litecoin, Bitcoin and 3 other coins

Wallet services

Storing coins on an online wallet is at the user's risk!

Goods merchants

Clothing & Apparel



Food and Drinks

Electronic Cigarettes

Gift Cards

  • eGifter - Gift cards from various retailers
  • - Amazon, Google Play, PSN, Xbox, Starbucks gift cards

Gold and Silver

Health and Beauty


Physical Litecoins





  • Agreed - Escrow for deals in Litecoin and other currencies

Market exchanges

Caution: Below exchanges not using SSL
  • BTC38 - Chinese exchange
  • Jubi - Chinese exchange

Fixed rate exchanges






  • 24ZILLA - Cloud hosting
  • CINFU HOSTING SOLUTIONS - DE, NL, FR, and USA VPS servers, USA dedicated servers, domain registrations, shared hosting, SSL certificates
  • CINIPAC - Secure and anonymous offshore hosting
  • LiteHosting - Hosting and other services
  • SutaHost - Sustainable web hosting
  • CrownCloud - Cloud hosting
  • HaveAByte - Shared and dedicated hosting, management, programming, consulting
  • Steadybytes - VPS and webhosting, DDoS protection, SSL certificates, domains and other services
  • TrilightZone - Internet privacy services, offshore hosting, servers, VPS, VPN, shells, secure email, multiple countries
  • ViperVault - Online backup, disaster recovery and file sharing service for business, full offsite replication of both AppAssure and ShadowProtect backup images
  • Loving Domains - Domains and web hosting
  • Dotbit - Namecoin domains (.bit)
  • Coinhost - VPS, DDoS protection, dedicated servers
  • CeuServers - Hosting
  • Ellenet - IT services
  • Hostclub - Hosting, VPS
  • Koddos - DDoS protection
  • Motov - Managed semi-dedicated cPanel webhosting with daily backups. SSH, GIT, MemCache, SVN, no INODE count limit, and 1GB PHP memory limit


Portfolio Monitoring

Other Services

  • - Get paid in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. To play and stream your favorite games.


Mining calculators

Miners and mining tools

See Mining software for a list of mining related software.

Mining pools

See Mining pool comparison for a list of mining pools.

Mining Hardware

Cloud Mining


Popular websites accepting Litecoin donations